Helping Cellular Operators
& Equipment Manufacturers
Utilize Engineering Resources.

Whitepaper: Technology outsourcing and the future.

Download our whitepaper that outlines the current problems encountered by both hiring managers and contract technology workers in the United States. Our proposed solution for hiring and managing engineering resources for specialized technology projects may free up valuable funds for your organization, while substantially improving the quality and acceptance of deliverables.

A Larger Pool

Access a much larger pool of talent than traditionally available through middle layer consulting groups, and vendor management companies...

Match Algorithms

Our special sauce provides accurately matched talent, providing you with real indicators of abilities and work endorsements...


Our services takes a small flat fee from Engineer's bill rates to cover our running and growth costs...


Project Specification

Staffstack tools provide project planning from a resource budget and talent perspective.

Matched Talent

Learn about how our unique approach helps tech companies hire best fit contractors.

Transparent Billing

Our fees are simple, fair, and transparent. Stablizing costs for both companies & contractors.

Better Projects

Projects staffed this way are expected to increase deliverable value, while reducing costs.

Contractor Benefits

Engineers and other tech professionals benefit from having access to far more work projects, without being limited by contract house agreements.

  • Stable, fair & transparent pay rates
  • Increased work mobility
  • Accurate reputation building & endorsements
  • Comprehensive business tools

Our vision is to modernize the staffing of specialized technology contractors for cyclical projects. We intend to improve the quality of engineering work, while reducing costs and maintaining fair and transparent billing.

Founder, Justin Marks

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Wireless Leaders

Staffstack founders and engineers have worked with all major telecom companies, and equipment vendors.